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Magic Testimonials Joan photo

Magic Testimonials


My New Store! -- by Pam

In February 2011, I had lived in the Melbourne area for just about a month and was scouring the newspaper for things to do. I saw your course for "Creating Your Dreams" based on the Magic for Manifesting Book at Unity of Melbourne...and signed up. I learned so much!

I had what I would call a fantasy at the time to open a Thrift Store to support local artists in some way. Just a whim...but with your course, I decided that was the one thing I wanted to manifest. During 2011, the right people and experiences came into my life. I met the owner of another Thrift Store and we became fast friends. I started volunteering and basically went to Thrift Store College. I learned a lot of invaluable information. After some disappointments, I found the perfect location for my new store just 10 minutes from my house. The store is constantly visited by locals and visitors alike because we are next to the beach and restaurants. I hired a girl two weeks before we opened (only the second person I interviewed by phone) that has proved to be invaluable! She has so many talents from decorating, sewing, and people skills. Not to mention that she is an artist in her own right, wise well beyond her years and has always treated the store as if it were her own. It is a wonderful thing to be able to trust the store to someone else so I can take care of the business end, replenish the inventory and still have time for whatever I want to do.. To this day, I constantly am meeting people who I am either able to benefit or will benefit me. I know for sure that nothing is a coincidence.

Thanks you so much Joan for offering this course. It proved invaluable to me and was definitely a life-changer. Good things in all areas of my life keep happening..most surprisingly my relationships have gotten better. I'd recommend this course to anyone looking for "what's next" in life.

Continued success to you and I hope to see you again in the store soon!

Here is the link to Store's FaceBook page:

Melbourne Beach Thrift Store Boutique Facebook Page


How I Manifested My Job! -- by Mary

I was laid off a few months ago, and I was very concerned about finding a new job given the depth of the current financial crisis.   I had liked, but not loved, the job I’d lost, so I was determined that my next career move would be something I was absolutely passionate about.  I knew that God had something better in store for me.   I filled out some online applications, and low and behold, I got a call for an interview for a position that I would consider my “dream job”.  I’d had other “dream job” opportunities in the past, but when I would get to the interview, I would somehow sabotage myself and tell my prospective employer all of the reasons why I didn’t have the right experience for the job.

I vowed to myself this time would be different.  Armed with all the concepts I learned from Joan in her “Magic for Manifesting” course, I went to the interview well prepared and with an upbeat, confident attitude.   On the way, I timed my commute, preparing for the day when I started my job.  As I walked in the lobby, I sent up a prayer for all my future colleagues who worked in the building.   I shared my passion for the field with my interviewers and didn’t say a single negative thing about myself.  After the interview, I told my friends, “I nailed it”, and waited for the phone call which came a few weeks later.

I just recently started my new job and I love it!   It is just what I MANIFESTED……


My Story About My Newly Manifested Magical Car! -- by Linda R.

The story of my “new to me” Honda CRV-EX starts with my daughter’s accident! Last summer she ran a red light and hit another car damaging her front bumper which fell off and shattered the windshield, activating both airbag! Long story short, she didn’t have the $$ to fix it and so she has been driving her boss’s extra leased car. She didn’t know what to do because she had NO $$ to buy herself a car. So I started “thinking” and meditating on her situation and I got the answer! Give her your old Honda Accord, which I was going to drive another couple years, and buy yourself a new car!!

Easier said than done. I hadn’t bought a car since 1994 when I had help from a brother-in-law and an ex-husband. So I meditated some more, I remembered that my friend Joan, from my church women’s spiritual circle always spoke of attracting what she wanted into her life by writing her wishes down on paper and posting them where she could read them over and over. I wondered could that really work? I talked to my friend, Stephanie, and decided the best thing was to make a vision board of exactly what I wanted….in pictures and words!! On a layover in Nice,(I’m a flight attendant), I went to the newsstand across the street from my hotel and bought some magazines and went to work cutting out pictures of the kind of car I wanted and of women driving cars! I’m planning to start a garden consulting business in the future so I knew I wanted a car with a big easy to get in to trunk! I knew I wanted a mini SUV. 

I started this process in October with ideas swirling around in my head. I was looking “online” at used car sales, then I made my vision board and posted it on my refrigerator so I would see it every day. I took it with me on my trips and looked at it and read it on my layovers, I took it with me in November to New York when I visited my sister-in-law for Thanksgiving. In early December on advice from my financial planner, I extended my online search to 100 miles from DC, in order to get a better deal and really find the car of my dreams at the price I was willing to pay! AS soon as I did that, MY Bronze 2005 Honda CRV-EX with beige interior and a sunroof, with 27,000 miles popped up at a car dealership in Dover Delaware….and guess what, I had heard wonderful things of this dealership from my friend, Stephanie.  Now I truly knew that it was Magic for Manifesting!! at work. I purchased the car on January 2, 2009! Thank you Joan for being the believer that you are, it certainly has made me a believer in my own magic too!!


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