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Zrii Testimonials

Joan Marie Barringer, M.Ed. :

I took a sample bottle to test Zrii for the first time.  It actually tasted good to me and I realized that it was fruity, but kind of smooth.  The lady who gave it to me said, “Drink it slowly.”  It was only one ounce, but I realized that it was so much better sipped like a fine wine and completely natural (I like it cold).  I decided to buy one large bottle from her to try taking it regularly.  I couldn’t help but notice that I had more energy and  I found that my senses were more acute, especially my sense of taste.  At the Zrii launch, a comedian who is an Independent Executive exclaimed, “It enlivened my tongue!”  I have gotten off of hormones for menopause and other medications too.  My horseback riding coach said, “You look great and you have more balance. What are you doing?”  I decided to sign up to be an Independent Executive and it has been four months now.  I am feeling better and better.  In Miami, I spoke to Dr. Rhoda who helped formulate Zrii.  He suggested two to three ounces a day for the best results.  If you go to the Zrii website and click the photos of each ingredient you will see what they do to help the body heal and rejuvenate.

Amarilis Sabando, M.D. :

I am a surgeon specializing in nephrology (kidney surgery) with experience working in major hospitals and private clinics in the northeast.  When I was first contacted about Zrii, I was impressed with the preservative-free formulation and amazing ingredients.  The endorsement for the Chopra Center for Wellbeing only validates the product even further.  From my point of view as an MD, the thing that impresses me most is the rejuvenating power of the Amalaki fruit combined with six other botanicals to create the best functional beverage on the market today.  Since I have been taking Zrii, I feel that my mental clarity has improved and that I am better able to handle the stress in my life.  My skin and hair feels as healthy and vibrant as it has in years.  The best thing is that I feel I am sleeping better and it is easier to maintain my energy levels throughout the day.  I drink one mini bottle a day (3 ounces) and over the past few months, I have experienced amazing results.  I highly recommend Zrii to everyone!

Gina Cairns :

My unfolding journey with Zrii has been overwhelming.  I am finding on a professional level that I cannot read or listen to enough of the information and wisdom that is available for this product and the practice of Ayurveda.  I feel like it is not only providing me with an amazing product, but also a standard of living a healthier and more balanced life.  I can do several massages, run bike and play and I am not experiencing the discomfort that I used to have in the past.  I am so committed to all that Zrii stands for and feel blessed that it is now part of my life.

Drs. Tom and Amy Czyz (Eye Doctors) :

The unique formulation of Amalaki and the synergistic blend of herbs in Zrii has helped not only our patients but our family as well.  As eye doctors we understand the importance of healthy nutrition and the impact that powerful antioxidants can have on the health of your eyes.  Because the ingredients in Zrii have tremendous antioxidant and cell rejuvenating properties, we recommend it to our patients and enjoy it ourselves.  After taking an ounce in the morning and the evening daily we have experienced more energy and focus, better vision, and more restful sleep.  Even our little girls ask for their Zrii every morning!  We are thankful for the health and prosperity that Zrii has brought to our family and to so many other patients and friends as well.

Jay Tsougrianis

I have now been drinking Zrii the Original Amalaki for over 3.5 months. I have had some incredible changes happen in my body that I would like to share. Because Zrii has helped in so many areas I am going to do this point form.

1. I have suffered with cold sores for about 13 years now. I get a cold sore about 6 to 12 times per year. Not fun. Since taking Zrii I have had 4 episodes where I felt the tingling that usually signals the next cold sore. Twice by day 2 the tingling has disappeared and the cold sores have not appeared. This was the first Christmas I can remember since my early 20's without a cold sore. I have gotten two cold sores in total since taking Zrii but amazingly they were gone in less than 60 hours or 2.5 days. Normally I suffer for 10 days to 2 weeks. Again Zrii has proven to be more than useful not only in reducing stress but as an anti-viral.

2. Sleep has never been my strong point. As an avid worrier, I often found myself unable to fall asleep and unable to stay asleep. Since taking Zrii my sleep has improved significantly. I fall asleep easily and I stay asleep most of the night. When I do wake I quickly fall back asleep rather than lying awake for hours.

3. Twice in the last three months I have felt a cold coming on. A few sniffles and that is about it. As I watch all the people around me getting the usual winter season ailments, I have not only been able to avoid them by taking Zrii, but able to maintain an unusual amount of energy through the little bit of sniffles I do get. My children as well have not been getting sick, while all the children around them seem to be missing school and staying home with a cold or flu.

4. Last but not least, Zrii the Original Amalaki is known as the great rejuvenator. Well in my case that is an understatement. I have found that my energy level has gone way up. A little shot of Zrii at around 3:00 pm and no more afternoon crash. I am able to keep alert and energized all day right up to bedtime.

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