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Health and Prosperity

I personally believe that health and prosperity are two factors that help to balance our lives so we can live freely and comfortably.  Sometimes it is a challenge to change our lifestyles to bring what we really want into our lives.  I often find myself thinking about a change and the right book or person will appear in my path to direct me in the direction I want to go.
Recently, I found a book in a used bookstore called The Fountain of Youth by Kelder.  It is a simple book with a fascinating story about a man who traveled to Tibet and what he learned there.  The book describes “Five Rites” which are exercises that are suggested for a daily practice to create health and vitality.  There are some testimonials in the book describing people having more energy, being healed of certain conditions and even some who had gray hair, but their hair turned back to its natural color when they did the recommended exercises.

After reading Book 2 of The Fountain of Youth, which is packed with how to apply what you learn in Book 1, I decided to work on warm up exercises for the Five Rites and to work on my diet.  I could be lighter to do one of my favorite sports which is horseback riding.  I began taking riding lessons when I was 51 years old, a year ago, when I realized that I could be in better shape to mount the horse.  I signed up for Curves which has worked wonderfully well with my schedule since each workout only takes a half hour (plus fifteen minutes to drive there), so I spend about an hour two or three times a week to do Curves.  I needed something in-between.  The Five Rites which only take fifteen to twenty minutes (twice a day) worked out very well for me.

The second book (Book 2) discusses diet.  It suggests eating small meals throughout the day and intake of about two ounces of water every half hour.  “I can do that,” I thought.  When I drink about four ounces of water an hour, I calculated that it adds up to about eight glasses a day.  I also read a book called The Chocolate Cake Diet -- I just thought, “They have got to be kidding,” but I loved most of the book.  Like most people, I pick and choose what applies or, by experimenting, find out something doesn’t work for me.  For example, I tried eating anything I wanted, but spreading it over 6 or 8 meals a day.  I wasn’t hungry, just as the book suggested, and fat was not building up on my body, even though I wasn’t eating the usual foods that really make me feel good (like spinach or salads).  So I came to the conclusion that for me, eating 6 to 8 smaller meals was quite a lifestyle change, but I could do it during the week when I wasn’t eating out.

Now I have decided that even yogurt is a meal.  And for some meals I may eat cooked veggies and another, a salad.  “Am I a vegetarian?” you may be asking yourself…, not yet -- I still think I need my protein to feel good.  We will see what happens.  It is improvement I’m looking for.  I realized that I was now doing what The Fountain of Youth suggested.  I continue to do that and I feel super.  Then to my surprise I’m introduced to Zrii by a friend from Virginia Beach.
She told me that The Chopra Center was endorsing it and I knew if Deepak Chopra had anything to do with it, I trusted it.  I saw him at the Yes Bookstore in Georgetown when his first book came out.  I sat directly in front of him in the front row.  Those of you who know me realize that this is typical for me – to be right upfront.  A teacher of mine in elementary school told me about a study of kids that sit in the front row, and the ones who did got A’s, second row got B’s, third row C’s and so on.  It seemed to work for me, so I’ve continued to sit in front wherever I go, and this was no exception. Deepak had just arrived back from a trip to India, straight from the airport, and I was excited to hear what he had to say – his talk was very medical and technical at the time, but I knew he was doing something right  to be so calm.

Now I’m introduced to a health drink that Bill Farley, the “CEO of Zrii”, had initially inquired to Chopra about, “If there is any supplement that someone could take for the rest of their life that would improve their health what would it be?” and he answered “Amalaki.”  I later met the doctors who took their time to formulate what some people think is a new product, but its ingredients are very old.  It is based on 5000 years of Ayurvedic Wisdom, utilizing natural fruits and spices that have benefited individuals from Tibet and the surrounding areas – keeping them looking so young.  “Amazing!” I thought.

I went on to read more Ayurvedic literature to find out about the three Doshas and teas that can help to balance the body.  When I went to the Zrii Convention, I was amazed at how I felt after I drank the “Pitta Tea” which is the for the dosha I need to balance in myself.  If you are interested, I can send you more information on the Doshas and tell you how to determine your Dosha profile (between Vata, Pitta, Kapha).

I continued to read books about individuals who had gone to Tibet in the early 1900’s and they spoke a lot about the Spiritual Lamas and their meditations.  I have found from reading books on meditation and practicing it myself, that letting thoughts flow and then going back to the breath is the most effective method for me.  I wait until I feel “at one with my breath” which takes me to a place where thoughts have disappeared and I wait for what happens next.  Sometimes I just feel more relaxed and other times I get an idea of something I need to do for myself or others -- that calm quiet voice comes in.

Prosperity begins when I let myself be guided to where and how I am to serve the world.  I write down the synchronicities because they are leading me in a direction.  It is amazing how we can plan what we want, but we can’t really totally plan how we are to get there.  Meditation helps me to be in the flow of the creative stream of Life.  It is so much fun to create.  If you want to hear more, please tune in for a once a month update.  I would love suggestions or ideas you have also.  Feel free to share your own experiences too.

If you would like individual help with visualizing or manifesting, I would be glad to assist you in a phone consultation.  To make an appointment email me at JoanMarie5@aol.com

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