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When we share our manifesting stories we empower each other and raise the consciousness of the world . . .

How I Manifested My Dream Job

        I manifested a job by asking the universe for help. I had to resign from a teaching position because it was the most difficult classroom of children in the Washington area. Many students had brothers or sisters or a parent on drugs or in jail. I worked very hard to give them what they needed. Changes were noticed by the Principal, but after two years in the situation I was burning out. I had set up the classroom as a detective agency to help them learn functional behavior. It worked like a miracle. I worked with one child who I had to stand behind in the cafeteria line because she would steal everything in sight. The police came to talk to her, explaining the consequences of her actions. She stayed after school cleaning tables, but loved the extra attention. Not much changed until I wrote a short story about a rabbit who stole a pie out of a window. She related to it so much that I ended up taking a two year course with the Institute of Children’s Literature to hone my skills under successful children’s book authors.

        So now I needed to find a new job. My intuition was telling me to look for a government job. I was offered one at a museum in Washington taking photos of individuals and placing them on money or other backgrounds. I was also offered a position at a large health food store that was just opening up called Fresh Foods, now Whole Foods. Those jobs just didn’t feel like my dream job yet. I continued to ask the Creator for help. I shared with my friend Ron that I wanted a government job. He said that he could get me an appointment with the Personnel Manager of Washington, DC. I explained that I had been a teacher of children for many years. He said that it was worth a try.

        After a two hour interview with the Personnel Manager, I was told that I was the most right-brained person he had ever interviewed and that the National Gallery of Art or the Endowment for the Arts were his recommendations for me.

        Later, I realized that man had given me a gift. I could finally follow what my passion was all along. My parents, who meant well, didn’t want me to major in art despite a recommendation from my college professor, so I did what was easy for me, languages. I did end up using both skills in my career. I decided to take a trip to the National Gallery, an amazing dream for me. I walked around and imagined myself learning more about the artwork and explaining it to crowds of people. I also saw myself being inspired to create my own paintings.

        Following the next step of my intuition, I heard in meditation to go to a play that I had wanted to attend, in an outdoor theatre and to go alone. I did just that.  Sitting by a lady who seemed to be watching me, I looked at her and she asked me if I worked at the National Gallery. I said no, but explained that I was getting a resume ready for there. I remembered that the application had said that I needed a master’s in Fine Art or Art History. I didn’t even have a master’s degree at the time, but I continued to have faith and explained my desire. She invited me to lunch at the National Gallery the next day. I got dressed up and had lunch at the top of the building with her. She told me that there was a position, but there would be many applicants.

        I agreed to interview. I had painted my nails for the first time and answered questions honestly. I was told that I would be informed of whether I had the job in about two weeks. I began to get ready for my new job. I had always worn pants to work, but this was a classy job so I went to Goodwill to buy some new suits.  As I was making a place in the closet for them and releasing other clothes, I received a phone call. It was from the National Gallery. I had my manifested my dream job in the Art World!

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