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Manifesting and Counseling

One workshop attendee said, “I have heard a lot of these principles, but your method is more practical and helped me understand the spiritual side of manifesting -- how to apply metaphors like the grain of mustard seed.  The principles are all there in the holy books!”  Another exclaimed, “Your stories helped me to understand how this could work in my life.  I understand what you did. You should write a book of ‘Manifesting Stories’.” When someone said, “You hugged me at the workshop and it lasted a week or more,” I was touched.

For those of you who have attended my “Magic for Manifesting Workshop”,  I hope you are enjoying utilizing the simple tools I have given you.  Presently, I am working on writing a pamphlet which you will be able to purchase on the web site.  I will help you to apply the Universal Laws, one being “The Law of Attraction” on which the book and movie The Secret was based.  A friend from Virginia Beach had called me excitedly one night to tell me that a movie about what I teach was online – what at a great name for the discovery of how to manifest.
I call it ‘magic’ because when we let go to allow God (all good) to do the work, the resulting amazement and awe reminds me of the happy ending to fairy tales.  When people are truly living the life they have imagined, so many describe it as a dream or fairy tale.  Don’t we all still like to believe that there still is magic in the world?  Some people made fun of the genie in The Secret.  I have practiced the magic and I know it to be true.  Wishes do come true!
Remember to write down your wishes.  I like index cards because you can have them in view around the house.  Harvard Graduate Studies have shown that the students who took the time to write down their goals were the most successful in their careers and life in general.

Remember that prioritizing your time helps you to organize your life the way you want it to be.  A fun and simple exercise to do this is to draw two circles which will be your “Life Pies”.  Just allow yourself to cut pieces of the first pie to represent the way you are spending your time now.  For example, one piece of the “current pie” may be sleeping, another eating, another meditation, exercising, etc., for a typical day.  The second pie, the “ideal pie”,  will be how you would really like to see yourself spending your time.  Don’t spend too much time thinking -- the subconscious, which is more spontaneous than the thinking side of your mind, will feel free to come out.

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